We pride ourselves in the wide array of fillings that can be chosen at La Torre Cake Shop. We aresure that there is a flavour to suit your pallet, and as always new suggestions or ideas for differenttastes are always welcome.

Most of our cakes have a continental sponge that is made from basic ingredients, without the use of any artificial ingredient or preservatives. We are among the very few that use traditional style of sponge which has resulted in clientele loyalty over the years.

Our sponge flavours range from:

 Vanilla sponge

 Chocolate sponge

 Our sponge fillings reage from:

 Vanilla custard

Chocolate custard

Dulce de leche (South American caramel)

Fresh cream

Chocolate cream

Coffee cream

Strawberry cream

Chocolate ganache

Strawberry jam

Apricot jam

Fruit salad

Our cakes can be finished in:

Fresh cream

Chocolate cream

Italian meringue

Burnt meringue

Butter cream


If there is something that you are after and can not find it on the list, be sure to contact us and we will do our best to accomodate your request.